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Twelve Year 10 students from St Cuthbert Mayne School spent a week learning how to record, edit, present and interview for radio. They then chose a "Human Book" to take out and interviewed them about their career paths. This culminated in a live broadcast on Soundart Radio with students presenting their interviews, music and other content too. This project was funded by Aimhigher.




-raise aspirations and encourage opportunity for the students involved directly either by learning more about radio production or by learning about the jobs of those they interview/edit

-raise profile and understanding of libraries (particularly for ages 12-18) as a creative, dynamic, media –savvy places

-develop students' speaking and listening skills

-develop students' understanding of the media and community organisations

-evelop audience, community links and content for Soundart Radio within Torbay

-raise aspirations of young audience

-engage different generations in meaningful discussions to further understanding





Soundart Radio

Palm FM

Torquay Library

Cuthbert Mayne School




Student comments:

"It's given me more confidence, also there are lots of opportunities out there."

"It made me think of other careers in media that I didn't know about."


- 74% rise in knowledge of digital editing

- 69% rise in using radio kit

- 54% rise in confidence of presenting on air

- 21% rise in likelihood of going to the library

- 18% rise in going to higher education

Riverford's Guy Watson with some St. Cuthbert Mayne students at Torquay Library


Aim Higher

Students from Cuthbert Mayne School interviewing Riverford's

Guy Watson