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A borough-wide online radio station for students in Brent with online archive attached. One of the first of it's kind and pioneering in it's approach to using audio in the classroom and in schools as a way of engaging hard to reach students and raising the profile of speaking and listening activities.



To develop speaking and listening skills

To raise achievement of students at risk from exclusion

To create a creative learning community amongst students at risk from exclusion and gifted and talented communicators

To develop students' literacy skills



Preston Manor City Learning Centre

Preston Manor Science College

Excellence in Cities

Copland Community School

Claremont Science College

Preston Park Primary School

BBC Community Learning

London Grid for Learning

London Gifted and Talented

National Youth Theatre

Science Museum London



Blaze students recently wrote testimonies on what they had learnt from being involved in the station:


Student 1

"Experience teaching others at a very young age, which helped me develop presentation and communication skills early on. It was a great foundation to build upon in Uni and then the working world to present case studies, business plans, etc. The creative elements of production within Blaze Radio opened me up to exploring other creative projects like graphic design and video editing which has been a very valuable and quite rare skill when working in the business world. Lastly, working with and heading up a team at such a young age was fantastic experience in leadership. By getting these experiences so young, it helps you to not be phased by other experiences later on in life."


Student 2

"The insight of what jobs are possible in this field Speaking and presenting skills Tutoring and teaching skills The entire experience, which I am able to use on my cv at present The passion and drive to pursue a career in the creative industry."


Student 3

"Confidence in myself and in something I would have never pursued had I not been given the opportunity, and guidence provided."


Student 4

"Confidence; the ability to both lead a team and work as part of one; technical skills; learning about what an audience wants; time management skills; incredible work experience at the BBC; great friendships!"


Student 5

"Blaze gave me the experience of an industry which isn't covered in schools. I was taught responsibility and was trusted to complete tasks on my own. I predominantly took to the website design and maintainance roles within blaze which were very well managed by industry professionals. Working with blaze radio was a key factor which influenced my university/degree choice and unlimately my career path. Much of the project work from Blaze was used as part of my entry portfolio into university."


Student 6

"Blaze radio was a unique project which helped all of us to gain confidence in speaking and communication. It helped all the schools in the borough to partner up and work together giving a sense of unity. It made us feel valued as students as we were able to use quite specialised equipment and we were able to express ourselves through the medium of radio."

A Blaze Radio student from Copland Community College listening back to her recordings.


A Blaze student listening critically and editing her work

Blaze Radio