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Sound Communities worked in coordination with PLAY Torbay and Children's Week in Torbay to help train a group of young people called the REPLAY Team. The team were trained ahead of the festival in interview skills, presentation skills, digital audio editing and how to use the portable recording equipment.


This led to the team having their own setup at Children's Week on Paignton seafront where they presented outside broadcasts throughout the week.


Children's Week Torbay is longest running Children's Week in the country and was in it's 67th year in 2013.




-To interact and interview Children's Week veterans on their stories and memories.

-To gain the skills to collect interviews and edit them throughout the week.

-To perform live broadcasts, interviews, commentaries and highlights of the weeks workshops, performances and events.





PLAY Torbay

Children's Week

Friends of Torbay Community Play Days

Stuart Dawson (Digital Artist)

Children's Week 2013

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