Sound Communities


Connect, Engage, Inspire 


"The project so far has been fantastic, the young people have had a real buzz from taking part and the radio station has brought a whole feeling of community to the youth centre. This is some of the most innovative youth work I have experienced with young people."

Paul Taylor

Senior Youth Worker, Parkfield Youth Centre




"Professional, efficient, reliable, high quality work with young people, gave good ideas, adaptable to the demands of the project – fitted around what we needed.  We were really pleased with the partnership, we felt it added to the experience overall for the young people, and also provided a lasting resource for our website, and through this a way for children and parents to remember the performance in the future. ."

Ursula Crickmay

Director of Learning, Wigmore Hall


"Brilliant - this experience has had a really positive impact on attitude/motivation and confidence  ."

Media Teacher

Paignton Community College


"Students asking staff staff/adults/students to contribute and then asking them questions was excellent practise for using standard English and developing confidence in their speaking and listening".

English Teacher

Dartmouth Academy


“It makes you think more about everything that’s happening around you. Like the news, it’s making you instead of ‘oh, it’s not happening here’; it makes you think what effect it’s having on people and things.”


Year 8 Pupil after broadcasting for the first time


Parkfield Xtreme Radio

Wigmore Hall's 'Chamber Challenge'

Speak Up!

Blaze Radio


"Blaze radio was a unique project which helped all of us to gain confidence in speaking and communication. It helped all the schools in the borough to partner up and work together giving a sense of unity. It made us feel valued as students as we were able to use quite specialised equipment and we were able to express ourselves through the medium of radio."

Blaze Radio Student/Presenter

Preston Manor City Learning Centre


"Blaze gave me the experience of an industry which isn't covered in schools. I was taught responsibility and was trusted to complete tasks on my own. I predominantly took to the website design and maintainance roles within blaze which were very well managed by industry professionals. Working with blaze radio was a key factor which influenced my university/degree choice and unlimately my career path. Much of the project work from Blaze was used as part of my entry portfolio into university."

Blaze Radio Student/Presenter

Copland Community School

Radio Routes

" 12 young people spoke live - some who normally would never take part. Radio work allowed me to see them achieve something I have not seen before. A great night. I could see young people gain confidence, take part and grow. I have listened to radio all my life but clearly never heard it!   Breaking it down the way you did made it work."

Mark Thorneywork

Lead Organiser of PHAB Club, Torquay


"I think is has a great impact on them especially for confidence. With one little boy tonight I’ve seen him act in a way that I’ve never seen him act that way before. He was really happy and dancing around - he really came out of his shell. So it’s lovely to see and he’s never done that before. Radio has really helped him."


Volunteer at PHAB Club, Torquay



"It was so lovely to see the young people in action creating such fun shows. They are a brilliant group and it's really obvious how much you have invested in them and how capable they are. I loved their freedom to talk about absolutely anything. It's quite inspiring and a good reminder of how imaginative young people can be! ."

Laura Forster

iOrchestra Project Coordinator, Philharmonia Orchestra


Ageing Well Festival 2015

"The Ageing Well Roadshow ran by Sound Communities was a vital part of the Ageing Well Festival capturing older peoples voices across Torbay. They worked sensitively with a range of diverse groups to co - produce content for creative and innovative daily broadcasts that captured the spirit and essence of the festival and shared it with a wider audience"

Ruth Ben-Tovim

Ageing Well Creative Development Co-Ordinator



The Grove School Opening

"The radio broadcast made me grin from ear to ear and cry at the same time when I heard it - it had so much feeling and passion captured within the spoken words of our children, staff and parents on the first day in our new school.  The cards and photos have been lovely but to hear people's passion in their voices is a remarkable thing."

Hilary Priest

Headteacher. The Grove School, Totnes (2016)