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Our Packages


Sound Communities offers a range of pop up and bespoke services as well to mee the needs of different communities.


Full Day “pop up” live online (or FM) broadcast   £490

•A group of young presenters broadcasting live day event to include commentary, audience interaction, interviews with participants. Shows will be uploaded immediately for instant playback with amounts of plays counted.


Additional Options

Feature   £120

•A sharable feature for online marketing as a record of your event.

Evaluation   £210

•An evaluation feature produced by Sound Communities asking questions of participants/organisers/audience to use as evidence of impact.



Full day total broadcast/feature/evaluation package  £820

Half-day total broadcast/feature/evaluation package   £475



Transcription of Evaluation   £75


These packages can be customised to fit your needs.

Broadcasting Live as part of the Radio Routes Outreach work from Totally Teenagers at the Foxhole Community Centre, Paignton


'Pop-Up' Packages