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A small group of students from the Winnicott Centre in Torquay learnt how to produce a radio feature around the topic of reading and why it matters to them and to other members of the community. They learnt how to interview, record on location, research and digitally edit. This feature was broadcast twice on Riviera FM. One of these broadcasts involved them presenting live in the studio during their RSL.




-develop speaking and listening skills of students

-enhance inclusion and employment possibilities for students

-raise profile and understanding of libraries (particularly for ages 12-18) as a creative, dynamic, media–savvy places

-pilot use of mobile services to produce/provide content for community radio

-engage young people in a conversation with other generations about reading




Winnicott  Centre

Torquay Library

Paignton Library

Riviera FM






Reading Matters

Young people interviewing members of the public on the streets by creating vox pops.