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Sound Communities developed "Speak Up" with Soundart Radio and Aune Head Arts who won two years of funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to develop the speaking and listening skills of 11-19 year olds through radio production. We went into schools and ran creative radio workshops and students then came to Soundart Radio and took over the station for 3 days at the end of each year. We also trained teachers and are producing a learning pack which will be widely disseminated.


All audio work from this project can currently be found on:




Develop students’:

-speaking and listening skills



-ICT skills

-community engagement


Develop Soundart Radio’s relationship with the wider local community and provide a model for other community radio stations for working sustainably with schools

Contribute to models of creative and personalised learning




Aune Head Arts

Soundart Radio

Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Paignton Community College


The Grove Primary School

South Dartmoor Community College

Bidwell Brook






Please download this Learning Pack developed by Sound Communities, Soundart Radio and Aune Head Arts.





Paignton Community and Sports College students collecting sounds from the Dartington Gardens.


Speak Up!